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Automotive World Magazine – May 2023

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – May 2023

Micromobility could prove a pivotal piece of future multimodal transport systems, potentially taking private vehicles off the road and shifting travellers to cleaner, more efficient options. However, the e-scooter segment has proven controversial from the start, with many operators playing fast and loose with city permits. A lack of clear or enforceable regulations has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries; Paris alone recorded three deaths and more than 400 injuries linked to e-scooters last year. Then there’s the road clutter, with complaints of abandoned scooters clogging up pavements and making it particularly difficult for pedestrians with disabilities.

Even so, it came as a surprise to many when Paris voted overwhelmingly to not renew the permits granted to its current shared e-scooter operators. This month we take a deep dive into what went wrong in this particular city, which in many other ways is proving a pioneer of innovative urban mobility. We also take a look at the latest developments from Fiat, Audi, Cupra, and Xpeng on customer engagement, retail, design, and electrification.

In this issue:

  • Paris scooter ban serves as wake-up call for micromobility
  • Cupra’s rebellion strategy pays off—and grows up
  • Just how revolutionary is Omniverse for manufacturing?
  • Fiat redefines immersive retail with metaverse store
  • Is China’s EV market still competitive without incentives?
  • EV and AV tech advances lessen design limitations
  • Economics of electrification crucial for 2030 auto industry
  • Beyond buzzwords: automation requires consumer education
  • Sustainability is shaping multi-modal’s emergence
  • ZEVs demand common life cycle assessment standards
  • Emissions scrutiny shapes braking innovation
  • Audi imagines four-dimensional virtual cabin designs
  • What happens to IoT connectivity if there is an outage?
  • Where does Europe stand in the global battery race?
  • Time to rethink fleet refuelling

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